Encinitas City Councilmember


Joy is the right leader at the right time.

She leads District 3 on the Encinitas City Council, she has served 2 terms on our Environmental Commission, and she has been a successful business leader for decades.

She leads our City with strong community values. She is helping us achieve our goals by listening, applying common sense, being effective, and developing collaborative solutions.

“I'm running for City Council to continue helping you. We are raising our quality of life, protecting our environment and preserving our community character.”

  "Choose JOY!"

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We ALL Choose Joy:

"Not only does Joy have an impressive professional background, both in the private sector and in government, she is a thoughtful and compassionate person. She listens to the public’s concerns and works to balance the often conflicting wants of individuals with the needs of the community at large. That's why Joy has my vote!"

- Teresa Arballo Barth, Former Mayor of Encinitas


"Joy is a leader and a collaborator. On our Encinitas Historical Society Board she has been effective solving big issues and improved our Old Schoolhouse. Joy gets results by treating people with respect and integrity. She is the kind of person we need on the Encinitas City Council, and she has my vote!"

- Carolyn Cope, Encinitas Historical Society President

"It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Joy. For the Pacific View School campus, she not only did the landscape design work, but she also showed up for the volunteer work parties ready to do the work. She is organized, farsighted and a thoughtful consensus builder."

- Mark Wisniewski, Landscape Architect, Consulting Arborist

Cottonwood Creek Conservancy, Project Manager, Retired

"Joy's professional work has won many local and regional awards. She knows how to improve communities and has shown that she has all the right skills to earn my vote!"

- Patricia Trauth, Landscape Architect &

Encinitas Traffic & Mobility Commissioner 

"Joy is committed to understanding the needs, interests, and concerns of District 3 residents. I am voting for Joy because I am confident that she will continue to be a strong representative for Cardiff on the City Council."

 -- Stephanie Tesch, Lecturer CSUSM 

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